Climate change touches so many aspects of our lives.

Marine species like cod and lobster that once defined us moved north, the incidence of tick-borne diseases are on the rise, pollen and allergies are reaching a fever pitch, and winter storms are wreaking havoc. It can be a little daunting when you start to connect the climate change dots, especially knowing that if we keep on our current path, it's only going to get worse.

But there’s good news! We already have many of the tools we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions to address the climate crisis. What we lack is political will, and your help! 


We can make climate change history!

We are a group of concerned Cape Cod residents who have come together to form a climate action group, 350 Cape Cod. We stand united to protect Cape Cod and are dedicated to address the urgent challenges of climate change. We are focused on community education and action to confront the climate crisis, as we hold governing bodies accountable to support the growth of renewable energy while stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure.

We welcome any and all to join us!

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Climate change impacts all Cape Codders.

Climate change will impact each and every one of us, typically where we are most vulnerable. A fisherman struggling to find his daily catch, a business woman feeling the heat from rising insurance rates, a home owner overwhelmed by months of flooding, and a concerned parent whose child suffers from asthma, are just a of the few ways our lives are being impacted by our changing climate. 

While it’s not always easy to see the link between climate change and what is happening all around us, it's important we do to make sure we're taking the necessary steps and precautions.

Cape residents from all walks of life are being affected. 

Larry | entomologist

"Climate change can't be underappreciated."
"It's not just about Lyme's disease anymore. That's clear. We are now dealing with 5 pathogens that will land you in the hospital in a heart beat." 

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"I used to think climate change wouldn't affect me personally. But with flood insurance rates going up over 20% each year indefinitely, that really has an impact on me, my family, my business and my employees."

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